AIOU Assignment Spring 2021 BA


AIOU Assignment Spring 2021 BA

AIOU Assignment Spring 2021 BA: As we know, Allama Iqbal Open University Pakistan offers many different types of courses. Allama Iqbal Open University AIU Tutor is a federal government. Provides high quality education to Uni and all Pakistani students. In addition, Allama Iqbal Open University also provides distance education. Aiou Edu is based on a semester system called Spring and Autumn. The spring semester starts from July to the end of the year, ie December. In addition, the fall semester begins in December to July.

AIOU solves Assignments for Fall and Spring Deadline 2022.

AIOU announces deadline for completed tasks at the beginning of the semester. Assignments are based on your course. You want to know what it means. Some of your books have 2 works and some books have 4 works. So don’t worry about the tasks that only focus on the tasks that are solved and submit them.

Remember it! The following facility is given only to the student whose first assignment has already been submitted. This means you can only do this if you participate in the first assignments by the due date. Students who have not signed up for the first assignment may no longer be eligible for this type of offer. However, the university has the right not to accept the tasks solved by the students.

Assignment Submission Date BA
Assignment No 1 15-07-2021
Assignment No 2 20-08-2021
Assignment No 3 15-09-2021
Assignment No 4 15-10-2021
Exam Month November-2021

AIOU Solved Task Fall and Spring 2022 pdf.

These works are in a comprehensive structure and the document is easy to view and print on the web in PDF design. Or download it again by clicking on the View / Download link. If the commenter finds any errors, please contact them by contacting us or following our Facebook page. aiou Download metrics up to MA level for perceived tasks

Code Subjects 1 2 3 4
402 Economics PDF PDF PDF PDF
405 Iqbaliat PDF PDF PDF PDF
406 Economics Of Pakistan PDF PDF PDF PDF
407 Modern Muslim World PDF PDF PDF PDF
408 Arabic        
409 Commercial Geography PDF PDF PDF PDF
411 Sociology – I PDF PDF PDF PDF
412 Social & Cultural Anthropology PDF PDF PDF PDF
414 Demography PDF PDF PDF PDF
419 Education PDF PDF PDF PDF
422 Organizing Library Resources        
423 Library Services PDF PDF PDF PDF
426 Pakistani Adab – II PDF PDF PDF PDF
429 Mass Education / Literacy PDF PDF PDF PDF
430 Principles Of Journalism PDF PDF PDF PDF
436 Seerat – E – Tayyaba PDF PDF PDF PDF
437 Islamiat (E) PDF PDF PDF PDF
458 Community Development PDF PDF PDF PDF
464 Islamic Fiqh PDF PDF PDF PDF
465 Population And Development PDF PDF PDF PDF
466 History Of Libraries With Reference To Pakistan        
467 Classification And Cataloguing        
472 Quran – E – Hakim        
473 Hadith