Argentina Gano Miss Universo Alguna Vez

Argentina Gano Miss Universo Alguna Vez

Argentina Gano Miss Universo Alguna Vez – In New Orleans, USA, 85 contestants will be present at the finals of “Miss Universe” in its 71st edition. This beauty pageant will be crowned today, Saturday, January 14. Bárbara Cabrera, a 27-year-old girl who was born in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires and has dedicated part of her life to the modeling profession, will represent Argentina.

Isabel Serli, who started a late career as an actress, with the Miss Argentina 1955 trophy. The first Argentine actress went to the Miss Universe coronation. I maintain my skills at the University of Argentina and win the crown of Miss Universo.

Argentina Gano Miss Universo Alguna Vez

Every Miss Universe winner in history

Before Boneaerense, there were other women who represented Argentina’s men and women in beauty pageants, but only one managed to retain the crown. At we tell you who she is and when was the last time Argentina won the Miss Universe title.

Norma Beatrice Nolan
She was born on April 22, 1938 in Vendo Torto, Santa Fe County. In 1962, at the age of 24, she went to Miami where the 11th annual beauty pageant was held.

Norma was selected by a nine-member jury from a total of 51 candidates and is the only Argentine to date to win the crown in the competition. After this award, Norma worked as a model for the best national and international designers of her time and lived for some time in Venezuela.

It should be noted that Argentina has had two Miss World winners in another major international beauty pageant, but it is not the same pageant. In this case, Norma Capagli (1960) and Silvana Suarez (1978) were crowned.

Miss Argentina, who wants the throne of the world and defends the pageants: “They do not object to us”
The woman from Buenos Aires is competing against 85 applicants from different countries. She wore a cape with an image of a woman who some media interpreted as Evita and chose a stunning dress made from recycled materials as a tribute to Iguazú Falls.

This is the second time Miss Argentina is participating in the pageant. She did this when she was 18. When she represented Buenos Aires, she competed with candidates from different provinces and was not selected.

Nearly a decade later, he tried again. The rules of the competition had changed and the selection was now made through interviews with members of the international competition jury. For the first time, married women with children could participate, and the winner had to achieve the goal of empowering herself as a woman.

This time the winner will represent Argentina in Miss Universe. For most of the world, it’s still a beauty pageant where thin, smiling girls compete for the world crown. But for Bárbara Cabrera (27) it’s too much: “a competition between women and women.” It does not objectify us, it strengthens us,” she assures.

At the 71st edition held at the Ernest N. Morel Convention Center in downtown New Orleans, Barbara fulfilled her dream of representing Argentina. And she competes with 85 applicants from different countries.


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