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  • Blackboard use: Exam Guidelines Spring-2024
  • The final examinations for the Spring-2024 semester start on June 7 2024.
  • All tests will be conducted online using Blackboard.
  • The students are recommended to login within 10 minutes prior the beginning of examinations.
  • Exams will be accessible to students for the initial 20 minutes of exam period.
  • Students should have a stable internet connection.
  • Set cookies on your browser and, ideally, use the Chrome browser (latest version).
  • Once the Exam has been opened you can complete the entire exam in one go.
  • First, save your answer and before moving on to the next one.
  • Students are not allowed to utilize the Blackboard Apps or Smart phones to access Blackboard.
  • Faculty members will be present during this live video session via the Blackboard to assist you.
  • Do not press the button ‘BACK’ of your browser during the test.
  • Do not refresh your browser after the exam has started.
  • Do not log in on multiple devices.
  • Faculty members can choose some of the formats listed below for the final exam: MCQs, Short Questions, Essay Questions, Case Studies or a mix of several formats. Students are advised to check with their class instructor to inquire about the format of the exam.
  • Students are advised to avoid using unfair methods in the course of the exam.
  • Students who have I grades in prior semesters be required to take the final examination of Spring 2024.

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