China Bans Cryptocurrency 2024 | China Crypto Ban History

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China Bans Cryptocurrency 2024 | China Crypto Ban History

China Bans Cryptocurrency 2024 | China Crypto Ban History: On Friday, the China ban the cryptocurrency with full intensity. There was a massive dropdown in the World’s largest cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” around 7% with figures of 45000$ but was recovered as the day went on. China declared all transactions that involved cryptocurrency and stated that cryptocurrency mining is now ban in nationwide with full intensity and anyone violating the law will be a victim of the state.


Reason for banning Cryptocurrency.

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The China’s own bank has been testing its own digital currency electronic Chinese Yuan as like bitcoin.. The bank issued a statement calling the two most famous cryptocurrencies “Bitcoin” and “Ether” out of the league as these two were issued from the “Non Monetary Authorities”.

Nationwide Ban on Cryptocurrency and its usage.

The Bank also issued a statement telling that all the activites associated with the cryptocurrency, mining or derivatives of them like trading, token issuance, transactions and other derivatives all will be banned and restricted on the usage of the digital currency or cryptocurrency.

China bans bitcoin 2024

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China is now so obsessed with the ban on the cryptocurrency. Last Friday, the moves have been prepared and implemented on the total ban and crackdown of the cryptocurrency. The China has been a major hub for the cryptocurrency or minning on solving equations difficult to understand rather than implementing them practically. China banned cryptocurrency on a domestic level in 2024 including small trade and minning but now the Chinese Government and Cabinet has taken vow to over throw the cryptocurrency.

How many times has China banned bitcoin

China has been banning cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” or “Ether” from the very beginning of its outset. But that ban was lifted or was implemented on domestic level or smaller scale purpose but now in 2024 the Government has taken vow to out root the currency or activites associated with them giving the Industry a toughest blow to suffer. China has been opposing the cryptocurrency from the beginning of its make.

Decision of Banning Cryptocurrency “Good” or “Bad”?

The Chinas decision on banning the Cryptocurrency has only limited benefits and perks as the cryptocurrency is all over the world and all the other countries do not implement the same policies as China has implemented. So on the whole the impact of the decision will be very “LOW” as the users are world wide and they use VPN and connect peer to peer and can communicate so the decision will make a low impact but only if all the other countries join the China on the matter and help root out the cryptocurrency and ban its usage in their countries too said Alex DerVies.

China Bans Crypto Impact

If China did not launch own Cryptocurrency them effect on china economy. Mostly countries accept Cryptocurrency transaction.

China Bans Crypto Meme

China bans financial institutions and payment companies from providing services through crypto. Meanwhile China also has the biggest number of companies that mine crypto. lol.
Their people will also start using P2P.
Crypto itself cannot be stopped by any govt.

There’s nothing to fear for the legit guys wey know road.

Here is some china bans crypto meme:


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