IHC TikTok Ban | IHC TikTok News today Pakistan


IHC TikTok Ban | IHC TikTok News today Pakistan

IHC TikTok Ban | IHC TikTok News today Pakistan: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in July ban access to app for failing in taking down the “inappropriate nature of the content.” In the month of August the PTA failed to provide any actionable justification or proof for banning the TikTok.

In the Order of 6 pages the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court Mr. Athar Minallah ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to consult with the Policy directed by the Federal Cabinet and Prime Minister on the issue stated and report be submitted on the closing date of 20 September.


PTA chairman Amir Azeem Bajwa in a press conference said that the regulatory is ready to lift ban on the app only if the conditions are to be filled in:

  1. Videos with vulgar and nudity must be deleted.
  2. Accounts of the Children be permanently removed.
  3. Videos will be shared if only the video properly follows the terms and conditions.

As PTA was failed to provide any justification the IHC directed the lawyer that app is being used in the other parts of the world then on the counsel of the PTA they stated that the app was being used in the country with 99% through Proxy Servers.

The IHC bench inquired that why the PTA is so obsessed with banning the app that is being used world wide and why the authority wants to cut us from the world. The bench inquired from the lawyer that what did happen to the last order of the court regarding the issue. Has the Federal Cabinet gave any policy on the matter?

The lawyer stated that a meeting was held and discussions were made but no directives for banning the TikTok were made. The Chief Justice remarked and said that in the absence of the evidence/proof the PTA has illegally restricted the video sharing app. He made alert that the bench could summon the Chairman of PTA if the orders of the court did not impose properly and practically manner.

The Bench remarked that in the absence of the actionable proof or justification that PTA has illegally banned the “TikTok” video sharing app. However, the PTA should deal with technological issues rather than banning the whole platform. The Orders were made that PTA will make transparency in usage of the app and will deal with technological issues on the matter and will lift the ban according to the policy stated by the Federal Government and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

TikTok Pakistan

Tiktok Pakistan is banned. We hope TikTok will soon open Pakistan. As we know mostly Tiktok users use VPN for TikTok.