Intelligence Bureau Past Papers | IB Past Papers

IB intelligence bureau

Intelligence Bureau Past Papers | IB Past Papers

Intelligence Bureau Past Papers | IB Past Papers – Intelligence Bureau IB NTS Written Past Papers, Paper Patterns, MCQs Tests, Syllabus Papers, Old Papers and Solution Papers are available here. The Intelligence Bureau has announced new jobs in various cities of Pakistan through NTS. Assistant Director of Intelligence Bureau, Shorthand Typist, CEO, GD, OM, Technician, Vehicle Mechanic, Dark Room Assistant, Laboratory Assistant, GD, OM, Dispatch Rider, NC and others. Perfect offer for your well-prepared positions. All National Testing Service conducts NTS IB tests which include MC questions, so in order to pass the test it is necessary to consult the previous / old papers of NTS Intelligence Bureau and solve them yourself.

Intelligence Bureau NTS papers

You are all preparing to fulfill your dream of working with the Secret Service Bureau. Now is the time to make sure you don’t miss out on any work to cover the entire course and practice. To help you better prepare, we are giving you Intelligence Bureau mcqs whose answer papers and previous year’s papers are for the next job test. The Intelligence Office goes through the previous papers and exercises them to find out the type of questions and the level of difficulty of the exam. The Intelligence Bureau IB operates as a civilian intelligence agency in Pakistan. IB is Pakistan’s oldest intelligence agency, established in 1947. All appointments and oversight of its operations are approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Intelligence Bureau NTS Curriculum 2020
Intelligence Office GD / OM syllabus

English: 20%
General Knowledge: 10%
Current Conditions: 10%
Math + IQ: 10%
Study of Pakistan: 10%
Islamic: 10%
ES: 10%
Light: 10%
Urdu-English Translation: 10%
Total: 100

Sample Intelligence Bureau NTS Test Paper
These questions help determine the type of question and the difficulty level of the test. Click on the link below to download the Intelligence Bureau’s five year old paper on NTS test.

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