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Meta App Download | Meta App Facebook Download

Meta App Download | Meta App Facebook Download : Facebook has changed its name. It is now going to be known as Meta. The reason for this change is that Mark Zuckerberg is building a new world of virtual reality called the Metaverse and the new name does not affect Facebook or Instagram users.

Facebook President and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday announced that the company would be now called Meta, or Meta Platforms. The new platform combines technology and apps under one new brand. However for those who are Facebook user, this won’t alter the way you use Facebook. This is also true for Instagram users as well as WhatsApp users. The apps and websites that they use will keep their original names.

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The announcement of the new name was made by Zuckerberg stated, “Today we are seen as a social media company, but in our DNA we are a company that builds technology to connect people, and the metaverse is the next frontier just like social networking was when we got started.”

The name change of Facebook has raised many questions on whether the app for social media would be changing for its people who use it or not. The answer is not. Facebook will continue to function as it was prior to the time that Zuckerberg made the announcement of Meta. There will be no change regarding how the application is utilized. There aren’t any new features or layouts have been released, and the guidelines for using are the same. The name change won’t be a problem for other Facebook-owned apps , such as WhatsApp as well as Instagram. They will not be able to use “meta” in them.

“Our apps and their brands aren’t changing either. We’re still the company that designs technology around people,” Zuckerberg declared.

Zuckerberg did not wish for Facebook to be seen as just a social-media company. Facebook is now aiming to be recognized as a technology business with many applications and products within its arsenal. In the letter to its founders, Zuckerberg says that the new platform will be more immersiveand users can do virtually anything they want to do. Zuckerberg said that users can meet with their family and friends to work, study or play, shop and make and share their work on the meta platform.

Zuckerberg also shared the plans to integrate cryptocurrency and NFT to its platform. He assured that the security and privacy of its customers will receive the highest importance.

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