Vacant Seats Merit List 2022


Vacant Seats Merit List 2022

Vacant Seats Merit List 2022 – PMC has announced merit list for vacancies in public and private medical and dental colleges. According to the official, recruitment of candidates for the posts has been completed. Interim HSSC results and certificates are verified. Merit lists for positions in government medical and dental colleges will be announced on March 1, 2022. Merit rules for positions in private medical and dental colleges will be announced on March 3, 2022. Students are encouraged to visit the PMC website or as you must confirm the specific college within 24 hours. The merit list for private medical and dental college seats was announced on March 3, 2022.

Vacancies in PMCM BBS / BDS Public Medical and Dental College
Benefit lists for vacancies in government medical and dental institutions were prepared following the announcement of PMC’s policy on vacancies policies. Students on the merit list must report to their respective colleges within three days so that they can submit their required paperwork and fees. At the time of admission, colleges must verify each student’s HSSC grades and academic qualifications. Any student who does not accept the given place / admission should notify the Ministry of Education (PMC) of Pakistan by email at before 21:00. On March 2, 2022.

PMC Public Medical and Dental College Merit List for Open Vacancies
PMCM BBS and BDS Admission 2021-22 Applications have been made for posts in Public Medical and Dental Colleges. Waiting for the merit lists of vacant PMC seats in 2022 is currently the only option. As a result, you can expect your impatience to subside soon. On March 1, 2022, PMC will publish merit lists for all MBBS and BDS positions in the Public Medical and Dental Institute in 2021-22. So to stay up-to-date, please visit the PMC website regularly. Because of this, we will also look at how to review the MBBS / BDS Merit List below.

PMC MBBS / BDS – How to check the merit list of vacant seats 2022.
You can see the merit list of 2022 MBBS / BDS Public Medical and Dental Colleges on vacancies on PMC website. (
Selected applicants must accept an offer from their respective university within 24 hours of the announcement of the list of services. On 24th February, 2022, the approvals of MBBS and BDS on vacancies were notified by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). Admission for the vacancies ended on 27 February 2022. To learn more about MBBS and BDS student admission policies and procedures, please visit our website.

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