What are Doubloons Tiktok | Tiktok Doubloons Cat

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What are Doubloons Tiktok | Tiktok Doubloons Cat

It’s hard to untangle the craze for TikTok’s latest trend. It’s obscure and funny, starting with a viral cat meme and ending with fantasy inflation. Yes, you read that right. Dabloons are currently going viral on TikTok, probably throughout FYP. At the time of writing the dedicated hashtag has over 254.1 million views.

What are “doubloons” and how did it all begin?
The word “double” itself can be traced back to 16th-century Spain, where they existed as gold coins and were used as currency for centuries. On TikTok today, the double balloon remains a form of currency — just a fantasy.

Dabloons have their roots in a 2024 meme that made the rounds on Instagram after being posted by @catz.jpeg (who has over 128,000 followers and regularly posts cat memes). As many may recall, the meme featured a kitten’s fully extended paw with the caption “4 Dabloons”. A variation of the meme later surfaced on the same account, with the same caption featuring a black cat and a small paw holding up four fingers.

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According to Know Your Meme, the post was moved to Tumblr and moved to TikTok, where it gained equal popularity. 4 Dabloons Cat was shared through TikTok’s slideshow mode, where multiple images can be posted and swiped. Multiple versions of the cat were shared, mostly in photo stories that began with the words “Hello Traveler”, offered an object or object, and then ended with a cat meme. Anything you want to trade costs “4 Dabloons”.

How do people “collect” doubloons?

People are responsible for their Dabloons being collected – or lost – depending on how many you search on social media. If you see a Dabloon, you’ve literally earned a Dabloon. Individual videos offer individual amounts and subjects. It depends on what you face. For example, a video by the inspirational @seansvv offers people a chance to get rid of their “dablon debt” instantly. Just “like” the video and your imaginary debt is gone.

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A cat has now become the face of a digital currency.

It can often be seen extending its claws and offering the user a double balloon. TikTokers should follow Billy’s instructions if they want to earn more. Anything you want to buy with your currency is often priced by cats.

However, the TikTok doubloons trend has nothing to do with cryptocurrency.

It seems that users do not earn any real money but only participate in this imaginary economy for memes and entertainment.

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you’ve probably seen everyone talking about Dublin – but what are they?

The Each For You page is full of Doubloon videos this week, and the trend has completely taken over the social media app.

Thousands of people around the world are joining the trend, but others are genuinely confused. If you are here, it means you are one of them.

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